“I never thought something so beneficial to your overall well being could be so much fun.I began Bumps pilates when I was 26 weeks pregnant, I went twice a week until I delivered at 40 weeks plus 6 days!
After a difficult first pregnancy with pelvic instability, carpal tunnel and a very assisted delivery, I was determined this time to hopefully reduce my pelvic discomfort and improve my chances to have a more natural delivery.
This was achieved I believe due to my mental focus, inner core strength, and the utilization of techniques used during my labour taught to me by Melissa in pilates.
I had reduced pelvic instability this pregnancy, a quicker uncomplicated natural delivery and only a 1 cm abdominal separation post natally.
Bumps pilates for me was not solely about the physical activity. It was also an atmosphere of sharing experiences, knowledge, and supporting each other. I can recall many memorable sessions of hard work complimented with laughter and stories shared. I feel so fortunate to have such a positive memory of my pregnancy and birthing process”

Fiona (nurse, mother of 2)


"I began post natal pilates at Bumps 6 weeks after the birth of my 3rd baby. It helped me regain my pre pregnant shape and helped my DRAM recovery (separation of my abdominals) along with significant improvements in my lower back pain through the stabilizing exercises performed during class. My strength, flexibility, posture and pelvic floor also improved which helped me to cope with motherhood again at the age of 43! The social aspect was also enjoyable, allowing me to interact with other new mums and I could also exercise with my baby next to me in the class which was enjoyable too."

Karen (midwife, mother of 3)


"I started Bumps Pilates when I was 15 weeks pregnant with my first child. I attended twice a week and found the classes definitely kept me lean, fit and in a positive state of mind. After a caesarean birth, my abdominal muscles regained their strength quickly and separation was minimal - all credited to Bumps Pilates! I'm now 6 months post-natal and continue to enjoy the classes and am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I highly recommend it ! "

Vicki Christofilopoulos (31 yrs, sports shop owner)