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Pregnancy Only Classes:   Pregnant women can attend from after they have had 12 week scan and approval to exercise. All exercises are performed in sitting, kneeling, standing & on all 4’s using the reformer beds. Focus is on Pelvic floor, deep stability muscles, posture and gentle stretching.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Classes:   A mix of pre and postnatal girls can attend. The postnatal girls perform different exercises and in different positions to the pregnant girls at various times during the class. Use of the on-site crèche is available for girls in this class.

Postnatal Only Classes:   Women can attend from 6-8 weeks postnatally. A more challenging workout for the recovering mother. Focus is on strengthening the pelvic floor, deep abdominals, upper back strengthening and stretching.  Good for women recovering from DRAM (Diastasis of Rectus Abdominus Muscle) and pelvic floor weakness.

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