Exercise for new mums


Following pregnancy & childbirth your abdominals & pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and are weakened due to the growing BUMP, following vaginal or caesarian delivery and/or separation of the abdominal muscles (DRAM)

Physiotherapy exercises will help strengthen these muscles allowing you to return to full activities again and help prevent injury in the months following the birth. Rehabilitation exercises are also given to treat any injuries or conditions sustained during pregnancy or the early postnatal period. 

Feeding and carrying a new born baby can also place extra strain on your neck, lower & upper back causing tightness and/or pain. Physiotherapy exercises can help by stretching & strengthening the specific muscles. 

Benefits for NEW MUMS

Strengthen deep abdominal muscles
Recovery from caesarian delivery or DRAM (abdominal separation)
Increase pelvic floor strength
Improve posture
Increase pelvic strength following pelvic pain from pregnancy
Exercise with other new mums

  • MOVE your body
  • CONTROL your muscles
  • CONNECT your CORE & pelvic floor
  • STRETCH tight muscles
  • RELAX with breathing

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