When can I start pregnancy BUMPS classes?

  You can start Bumps classes from 12 weeks when you have had clearance from the obstetrician/doctor to exercise after your 12 week scan. If you tick YES to any MEDICAL CONDITIONS your obstetrician/doctor will need to sign your medical form for approval.

When can I start post natal Bumps classes?

  You can start postnatal classes from 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery & 8 weeks after a caesarian section. You will also need approval from your obstetrician/doctor to exercise again after having your baby.

How often should I attend classes?

  Ideally you should keep a regular exercise routine to gain maximum benefits, especially as your body is changing so quickly. Most girls attend 1-2 times per week and it may depend what other exercise you are doing.

What should I bring to class?

  Please bring along the medical registration form (on home page) to give to the Physiotherapist at the first class. Wear comfortable exercise clothing & bring a water bottle.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

  If you have physio “extra’s” cover then you usually can claim the classes under a Group physio exercise class (item #561) You will need an Initial Assessment (item#500) to then be able to claim group classes. Antenatal classes (Item #595) and Postnatal classes (#596) may also be able to be claimed. Please contact your health insurance company to see what “physiotherapy group classes” you may be covered under. Contact us at the completion of your class to get an itemized receipt emailed to you.

How do I book or cancel a class?

  All classes are booked & cancelled online (6 hours cancellation required otherwise you will be charged) via the MIND BODY BOOKING SITE. Download the APP on your phone to make bookings easier.

What if I have back pain, pelvic pain or any other injury?

  Please inform the Physiotherapist of any musculoskeletal issues & discuss. Modifications can be given for women suffering from low back pain, pelvic pain or other issues.

What if I can’t use all of my passes during pregnancy?

  You can use any remaining passes when you return postnatally, you have a year to use the passes and this can be extended if needed (email your circumstances here).

  • MOVE your body
  • CONTROL your muscles
  • CONNECT your CORE & pelvic floor
  • STRETCH tight muscles
  • RELAX with breathing

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