When can I start pregnancy BUMPS classes?

  You can start Bumps classes from 12 weeks when you have had clearance from the obstetrician/doctor to exercise after your 12 week scan. If you tick YES to any MEDICAL CONDITIONS your obstetrician/doctor will need to sign your medical form for approval.

When can I start post natal Bumps classes?

  You can start postnatal classes from 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery & 8 weeks after a caesarian section. You will also need approval from your obstetrician/doctor to exercise again after having your baby.

Does it matter if I have never done pilates before?

  No it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done pilates before as the classes are gentle and can be modified for your strength & flexibility. However, If you haven’t done pilates before it is recommended that you start with a private consultation to learn the correct technique & get familiar with the reformer beds. Please also read the information sheet on the website on how to engage your abdominals & pelvic floor muscles before coming to your first class.

How often should I attend classes?

  Ideally you should keep a regular exercise routine to gain maximum benefits, especially as your body is changing so quickly. Most girls attend 1-2 times per week and it may depend what other exercise you are doing.

What should I bring to class?

  Please bring along the medical registration form (on home page) to give to the Physiotherapist at the first class. Wear comfortable exercise clothing & bring a water bottle.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

  If you have physio “extra’s” cover then you usually can claim the classes under a Group physio Consultation (item #561) Private sessions are billed under initial (item#500) and subsequent (item #505) Contact us at the completion of your class to get an itemized receipt emailed to you.

How do I book or cancel a class?

  All classes are booked & cancelled online (6 hours cancellation required otherwise you will be charged) via the MIND BODY BOOKING SITE. Download the APP on your phone to make bookings easier.

What if I have back pain, pelvic pain or any other injury?

  Please inform the Physiotherapist of any musculoskeletal issues & discuss. Modifications can be given for women suffering from low back pain, pelvic pain or other issues.

What if I can’t use all of my passes during pregnancy?

  You can use any remaining passes when you return post natally, you have a year to use the passes and this can be extended if needed (email your circumstances here).

  • MOVE your body
  • CONTROL your muscles
  • CONNECT your CORE & pelvic floor
  • STRETCH tight muscles
  • RELAX with breathing

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