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Classes are instructed by Physiotherapists with pilates training, exercise rehabilitation and a special interest in Womens Health. The exercise classes are designed by the Physiotherapists to be safe and effective for pregnancy & the during the early post partum stage. Exercises can be individually modified for women with conditions such as low back & pelvic pain, DRAM, prolapse or other musculoskeletal conditions.

Bumps exercise classes are performed on the floor and reformer beds using spring loaded beds that provide resistance or other equipment such as balls, bands & weights. Bumps classes provide an overall body workout with focus on core abdominal & pelvic strength for the changing pregnant body or a recovering new mum.


Melissa Bull is the owner of Bumps, a Physiotherapist with 15 years of pilates experience & training with a background of managing a busy pilates studio, working on the maternity ward at Cabrini & delivering childbirth education to expectant mothers.

Melissa has 3 children & experienced pelvic girdle pain with all her pregnancies. She understands, firsthand, how to manage this condition. Melissa started Bumps Pilates to help other women stay strong, supported & healthy during their pregnancies and to help new mums recover in the postnatal stage.

  • MOVE your body
  • CONTROL your muscles
  • CONNECT your CORE & pelvic floor
  • STRETCH tight muscles
  • RELAX with breathing

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