Pelvic pain & the pelvic floor

Many women experience Pelvic Girdle pain in pregnancy due to the increased load on the pelvis & hormones circulating through the body that soften the ligaments.

Wearing a tubigrip, pelvic belt and/or SRC leggings can help support the pelvis during pregnancy. Attending Bumps classes can help strengthen the pelvic muscles & deep abdominal muscles, which will help support the pelvis during this time. Tight muscles can also be stretched.

Bumps pilates classes will also help to strengthen & recover post natally from Pelvic girdle pain.


Please read the attached flyer for further information or discuss options with the Physiotherapist.


info sheet PELVIC PAIN


The pelvic floor muscles are placed under an extra load in pregnancy along with hormones that soften these muscles. In pregnancy & recovering after delivery it’s very important to exercise your pelvic floor muscles.

Bumps classes focus on strengthening these pelvic floor muscles.

Please read the attached flyer for further information.


  • MOVE your body
  • CONTROL your muscles
  • CONNECT your CORE & pelvic floor
  • STRETCH tight muscles
  • RELAX with breathing

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